ZeroBin: Reducing Plastic Pollution, One Bottle at a Time

ZeroBin aims to contribute to solving the plastic problem by making sure used plastic doesn’t enter the waste stream. 

How are we doing this? By capturing and processing used plastic at source turning them into shredded post-consumer plastic.

Here’s how ZeroBin help address today’s plastic challenges

  • Contamination & sorting issue is one of the most pressing issues in plastic recycling. The manufacturing industry requires high plastic purity to ensure products made from recycled plastic meet the quality standards for the market. Unlike other materials, plastic is very sensitive to contamination, even a small quantity of contaminants can ruin the plastic and make it unusable. Not just other materials, but any other type of plastic contaminants will make plastic non-recyclable. It’s critical to ensure different types of plastics are separate. High plastic purity means limiting the contamination in the early stage where plastic is separated, cleaned and shredded right after used to minimize cross contamination which is prevalent in the current system. 

    ZeroBin solution offers the means for users to identify plastic types, shred, and sort them automatically into its smart multi-container system. The use of advanced sensors and sorting mechanism minimizes contamination and improve sorting accuracy. 

  • Lack of recycling infrastructure and economic viability are two other challenges in managing plastic waste. A comprehensive recycling infrastructure is a multi-stakeholder effort and requires a huge financial investment both from the governments and industries. The system required establishing a myriad of infrastructure and services which includes collecting, sorting, processing, and bringing the material back into the industry 

    By simplifying the system where plastic is not mixed after use, processing plastic at source, and relying on existing local delivery systems to send plastic directly to local recyclers or dropped to existing community recycling centers, ZeroBin creates a circular system that is affordable with low entrance cost for citizens and the community.

  • Space requirements and carbon footprint are also critical when it comes to managing plastic waste. Plastic waste requires a lot of space for its collection, and it mostly contains air. In the conventional system, plastic needs to be stored at the source, collected, and transported to sorting and then recycling facilities. Storage and transportation contribute to the carbon emission of waste collection.

    By shredding used plastic at the source, ZeroBin reduces up to 80% of the space needed to store and transport recycled plastic. This also reduces the frequency of waste collection and more plastic material can be transported in every trip.

Apart from these challenges, ZeroBin also offers:

  • Innovative & smart technologies that enable real-time data capable of calculating the amount of plastic processed and brought back into the manufacturing industry.  These include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and machine learning. ZeroBin is essentially an intelligent IoT device connected to a cloud waste management system that can be helpful to plan and optimize used plastic management by users, plastic recyclers, policymakers, and the manufacturing industry. 

    The technologies embedded within the solution enable real-time monitoring and data analytics, enhancing the efficiency of recycling operations and supporting the development of a circular recycling system.

  • Economic opportunities as the solution create a precious commodity that is in demand by the manufacturing industry – high-purity shredded plastic or recyclates. These recyclates have value and can be sold directly by the users in recycled plastic marketplaces or sent to ZeroBin Partners (recycling operators) to be processed into recycled plastic material for the industry. 

  • Consumer education and participation through its companion mobile App. The app is developed as part of the ZeroBin solution. It educates and encourages users by sharing the amount of plastic they have helped in recycling. Users can check and analyze their plastic consumption and compare it with their friends and neighbors. ZeroBin App incorporates user-friendly interfaces and interactive features that engage and educate individuals about proper recycling practices. They provide feedback, rewards, or incentives to encourage active participation and raise awareness about the importance of recycling. By empowering and educating users, ZeroBin aims to improve plastic recycling rates and awareness. 

ZeroBins Simplified and closed loop system

ZeroBin strives to divert used plastic away from the waste stream while providing the manufacturing industry with high-purity shredded plastic. This smart solution drastically reduces the amount of space required to store plastic waste and curbs carbon emissions associated with plastic waste transportation. Operating as a closed-loop system, ZeroBin created recycled plastics as raw materials for creating new products thereby decreasing reliance on virgin materials and fostering a sustainable and circular economy.

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Published On: July 7th, 2023Categories: Informative, Plastic Recycling

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