Patented technology to Reduce Plastic Waste

ZeroBin is not the average waste bin. We infuse this powerful, sustainable partner with the most advanced patented technology. This makes our new product an integral member of the circular plastic economy by promoting advanced waste management solutions.

We have developed the first ever sustainable bin of its kind that leverages AI and machine learning systems to scan, identify, and shred plastic recyclables. This includes uploading various scanned images so the system can learn from its mistakes – leading to an even more efficient and accurate plastic recycling solution.

Traditional plastic material tends to be rigid with durable construction that requires industrial-strength shredding systems that are not cost-effective for the average consumer’s kitchen. ZeroBin gets around this challenge by redesigning these systems, miniaturizing them, and then crafting a highly efficient solution that can be easily recalibrated for optimal size and plastic waste storage.

As soon as the lid is opened, the shredder comes to a stop. We wanted to design a safe and reliable plastic recycling option that ensures you don’t have to worry about little hands or wet pet noses going where they shouldn’t be.

Our integrative cloud-based technology provides accurate data about each type of plastic you recycle, sending data directly to the ZeroBin companion mobile application. This will also notify you when it is time to empty your ZeroBin – forever ending the inconvenience of knowing which plastics should be recycled or incinerated. You get the peace of mind knowing you are actively contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrow.

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